Library preparation


The library preparation laboratory

We are experienced in a wide range of library production techniques and aim to add more methodologies to our repertoire as time progresses, allowing you access to the most up to date methods in your field. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.

We are able to offer a range of standard library preparation, but are also willing to help you create your own. Whether you require help troubleshooting, tips on best practice, or just an aliquot of a library preparation kit, we are prepared to help.

Below is a list of commonly used library preparation kits with possible suppliers if you wish to buy your own.

Please Note: All these kits contain the basic reagents required for library preparation, but ALL require further components to be purchased separately.

We recommend purchasing NEB kits from Science Warehouse and Illumina Kits directly from Illumina (by creating an online account at

If you would prefer to have your libraries made in house for you, there is a fixed charge per library depending on type and number of samples. A price list can be found here. When viewed via the University of Leeds intranet the price will not include VAT, but will include VAT when viewed off campus or via a non-UoL network such as on a mobile phone connected via eduroam.

If the payment comes from a non-University of Leeds account VAT will be charged.

We very happy to discuss your requirements and answers questions and queries (emails here).