Miscellaneous software

CofI and Cy2T

Calculates coefficients of inbreeding from pedigrees (including extraction of pedigree data from Cyrillic files).

Decode2Affy, Illumina2Affy and PLink2Affy

Converts deCode, Illumina and PLink genotype data files to an Affymetrix-style format for use by AutoSNPa, DominantMapper, IBDfinder, Sample and other programs.


A web application for candidate gene/variant prioritisation.


Candidate gene prioritisation based on gene expression profiles.


Calculates the quality of the sequence in an electropherogram file.


Adds back SNP annotation data to Affymetrix SNP6 genotype files, so that they can be used by other analysis programs.


MerlinViewer visiualizes the results of high density SNP chip analysis using the Merlin application. The results are displayed as a scatter graph of the LOD, HLOD or Alpha score against chromosomal position.